About us


We are a Missionary Society of Santo Nino (MSSN) - both celibate and married Catholic priests and deacons ordained in One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church in the Philippines and in the United States of America. We come together and organize ourselves under the Old Roman Catholic Church in the United States of America to continue our priestly and deaconate calling and serve the people entrusted to our care.


MSSN lives and promotes on the following Christian values:


     + Welcoming 

        MSSN believes in the statement that 'if God is not the God of all, He is not God at all!' We welcome every single person in worship and sacramental               celebrations.


     + Bible-based Worship & Preaching

        We put the Bible at the very center of everything we do. The Holy Bible is the Word of God, His message of salvation.


     + Family-based Community Ministry

        We value families as foundations of our community churches. Families are domestic churches and special in God's plan of salvation.


     + Service to the Poor & Needy

        MSSN churches have ministries to the poor and needy. It is our commitment to have a ministry that serves the poor and the needy around us.

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